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    Pitched Roof vs Flat Roof? Which is better for an Industrial Roof?

    A flat roof is preferred over a pitched roof. But why?  There are pros and cons of both types of roofing so the designing of roofing buildings involves a deep and thorough review of both roof types to make a better choice.

    You might wonder why industrial buildings have flat roofs instead of pitched roofs. Well, there is proper reasoning behind it that will be uncovered in this blog article.

    Pros of Flat Roofs

    The top three benefits of a flat roofing system are

    1. A flat roof is inexpensive comparatively: A pitched roof is more expensive than a flat roof option. The cost of labor, capital requirements, and other roofing membranes and materials is less which eventually tells why the flat roof cost is below the pitched roof.
    2. Space for usage: You can keep anything stored on a flat roof. You can easily access the rooftop and store goods on top.
    3. Fat roofing gives a safer option: During repair and maintenance, a flat roof gives little margin for a worker or resident to fall off the rooftop. Even there is a lesser risk of slipping off the roof for the people residing in the industrial roofing building.

    Cons of Flat roof

    1. Maintenance and Repair: All the debris and dirt accumulate on the flat rooftop. Therefore it is suggested to get it inspected by a professional roofing contractor. To give you an idea, getting it checked two times a year is the safest option.
    2. Water Leakages: Flat roof, opposite to what the name suggests, is not completely flat. A slight slope is mandatory for the water to drain. If not it can create serious problems that can reduce the life span of the roof greatly.

    Pros of Pitched Roof

    1. Longer Life Span comparatively: Well it is common sense to understand that it is easier for water to slide off on slopped roof. This will put little stress on the roofing membrane and it is a lot easier for the roofing material. Though expensive it has a longer life span.
    2. Lesser leakages problem: the pitched roof is not one hundred percent weather resistant like any other roof type. However it provides a lot of resistance to leakage and only the roof part alone can be repaired without a complete roof replacement,

    Cons of Flat roof

    1. Cost is higher than a flat roof: The expense of a pitched roof is greater than that of a flat roof. The roofing material and labor costs are much higher for a pitched roof.
    2. The period to build a pitched roof is higher: constructing a roof is higher than a normal flat roof. Therefore it is understandable that business owners look for a faster alternative which is a flat roof.

    Which is a better option: A Flat Roof or a Pitched Roof

    Well, it depends on your budget. Even though a flat roof system can cause leakages people like how cost-effective it is and prefer it over a pitched roof which is expensive and takes a longer period to construct.

    We discussed the pros and cons of both roofing types. It is advisable that you think of your location and what suits you more based on weather conditions and other climatic effects in your region.

    If you are looking for a professional roofing contractor who can advise you on the effect of customized solutions according to your needs and wants? It will take into account the objective while fulfilling the constraints as well. RoofResotre5x gives all the services in one place from proper inspection to roof restoration and installation, your business will flourish. With Roofestore5x, we guarantee that no replacement is necessary. It is weather-resistant and prevents water leakages.

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