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    Cost For Flat Roof Replacement: A Guide for Businesses

    Average Cost of Flat Roof Replacement

    Are you worried that your flat roof replacement cost might exceed your budget and you would not be able to bear the expenses? Your worrisome and nervousness are normal but it can be toned down with proper research and awareness related to roof costing in the commercial roofing field.

    With increasing costs, it becomes tougher to manage the expenses related to industrial flat roofs. The roofing industry, specifically, is influenced a lot by inflation, shortage of labor, and other problems that are reflected in the increasing cost pattern of flat roof replacement in New Hampshire and Maine.

    That being said, you are right to be worried about a flat roof replacement. This article guide will walk you through the factors that can affect the budget you would require to replace a flat roof. The guide will also give the best possible choice for your flat roof.

    Approximate Flat Roof Replacement Cost

    While flat roof cost may vary from place to place, and depending upon the circumstances, it costs nearly $4 to $13 per square foot. This cost is approximate as there are multiple factors and aspects to keep in mind to make an informed decision about the installation of a commercial flat roof.

    Why and When to Replace a Commercial Flat Roof

    It’s important to consider the factors that contribute to roof replacement costs. The cost range of $4 to $13 can make a huge difference of up to thousands of dollars for a roof installment. By saving cost one per square foot will multiply with the total square foot area of your industrial flat roof.

    We know this considerable range (from $4 to $13 per square foot) could make a difference of tens of thousands of dollars. So, here are some of the factors that go into replacement costs.

    1. The first is replacing commercial flat roof material. The material which is utilized in the process of replacing the roof can contribute greatly to the total cost. It is advisable to be brought down as it makes a huge difference. For example, EPDM roofing material costs around $13 however there are roofing materials like modified bitumen that cost only $4.
    2. Second, when you select the roofing material, along with costs you need to consider the life span of the material according to your location, climate, and other weather conditions.  
    3. How many flat roof penetrations are to be done on a flat roof? A flat roof can be simple however with more chimneys. Exhaust pipes and hatches can complicate the flat roof installation which will contribute to the roof cost as well.
    4. Along with new commercial flat roof installation, the removal of the old roofing system bears a cost as well. Dump fees will be added to the old roof removal costs along with environmental waste that will be produced by the old roof material.
    5. The size and location of the building also act as an essential contributor to the total cost of the building. The bigger the area of the flat roof, the more roofing material will be used, and the more expensive would be the flat roof. Also, the hard-to-get areas or narrow streets can make the work tougher and roofing contractors may charge more for it.

    Also, this whole process of flat roof installation for your business in a commercial area can hinder your business day to day operations. You wouldn’t be able to conduct your business as usual which will be an opportunity cost that you will have to incur. These costs are usually neglected and such disruptions play a huge role in the overall cost and budget of the flat roof replacement.  Contact Roof Restore 5x for complete guidance related to the cost of roof replacement.

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