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    Step-by-Step Guide on Roof Restore 5x Roof Installation

    RoofResoter5x provides roof restoration and roof installation services in New Hampshire and Maine. The pictures before and after the restoration process are an indication of a recent project undertaken by RoofRestore5x that shows the results of the restoration process. The process has made the roof appear shiny and weather-resistant. Contrary to this, the roof looked rusty and old. The business owner, who was concerned about the roof condition of the commercial property, availed the services of RoofRestore5x.

    Before the roof restoration process

    The picture before the roof installation and restoration shows the poor condition of a flat roof. Water can be leaked from the walls that damages commercial property. 

    Along with the property, there are health risks and occupational hazards for the workers and employees working in the firm as well. This shows how detrimental a damaged flat roof can be if not taken care of on time. This indicates that there is an urgent requirement for restoration to ensure a long-lasting roof.

    After the Roof Restoration Process

    The project was undertaken by the RoofRestore5x Company and the difference in before and after pictures shows the transformation. The new roof shows the features installed by the roofresoter5x as a major project in the field. 

    You can see a roof that is now shiny, and weather-resistant with high-quality roofing membranes. Roof Restoration and maintenance is a most neglected part of the commercial property. Business owner mostly invest their time in establishing their business but the health of the roof holds great importance. Otherwise, it can lead to costly consequences.

    It is recommended to outsource your roof restoration work to a trusted and reliable firm. As they are equipped with special tools and chemical and professional contractors who know their job perfectly. 

    Major steps in the roof restoration process are as follows.

    1. Roof Assessment

    With proper roof assessment by carefully examining the damaged points, the roof is assessed thoroughly. The cracked roof or punctured roof membranes or sheets and leakage can be pointed out, so photos can be taken to assess the area. This step takes an hour or more depending on the size of the roof.

    • Roof cleaning 

    After the critical step of roof assessment by a professional team of roofrestore5x, the next step is the cleaning stage. Dirt and debris are removed and gutters are cleaned properly so damaged points can be cleared and are visible. Leakages can be pointed out through deep cleaning with chemicals.

    • Roof Repairs

    Next, the roof is repaired and with detailed care. With professional help from contractors and workmanship, the roof is carefully replaced or installed. Poor quality can create a lot of problems in the long run so it’s better to avoid them. 

    A qualified roofing expert can devise a strategic plan for our commercial flat roof. During the whole process of roof replacement; from replacing tiles to metal roofing, there is a requirement for special attention to detail. Efficiency with the tools is a requirement for their proper and correct utilization. 

    • Chemical Coating and Final Assessment 

    Protective coating over the roof is done through chemical treatments. You might have wondered why roofs shine, this is because of the protective coating of chemicals over the surface of the roof. This makes it waterproof and provides thermal insulation as well. 

    Once all the above steps are finished, next comes the final assessment. Roofs must be monitored as a part of post-roof assessment. This can identify any areas that were missed out If your roof is old and it requires restoration? Help from RoofRestore5x is just a call away. Contact RoofRestore5X now for the best equipment and roofing contractors with professional experience and quality work.

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