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    A Comprehensive Comparison of Roof Restoration and Replacement

    Roof restoration or roof replacement? Which option is best for you in terms of cost without compromising the quality of the roof? Either I replace my building roof or do commercial roof restoration. This question often comes in the minds of business owners for commercial roofing care.

    Worry not, this guide will walk you through the options of roof replacement (partial and complete) and roof restoration. It will tell you which option is better in terms of protecting your business and ensure its longevity which can leave you mentally relaxed so your business can flourish.

    When to Have a Roof Restored

    Roof restoration means that your roof can be fixed without causing any disturbance in the interior of your business place. Problems like falling off singles, leakages, cracked granules, old drip edges, and worn-out and dirty granules can be fixed through the roof restoration process. The precautionary measures can help in the reinvigoration of your home without making any major difference in the appearance of the home. This means you don’t have to deal with the mess associated with installing a roof from scratch. 

    When to Do Roof Replacement

    Roof replacement is completely changing the whole roof due to which your business matters or operational activities might get interrupted till it is replaced. If there are heavy leakages and damage due to heavy winds and extreme weather conditions, then replacing the roof is nonetheless a less expensive option.

    If more than 50 percent of the commercial roof is deteriorated, then it must be replaced with a new roof completely. Normally damage through storms, fire, or other extreme weather conditions like hailing or snow, leads to replacement. To avoid leaky roofs, it’s better to be prepared for a roof replacement in extreme weather situations. 

    Cost of Roof Restoration and Roof Repair

    You might think that roof repair is less expensive than roof replacement, but this is not always the case. If we look at roof replacement per square foot, then labor cost is as much as replacement of the roof and you don’t get the benefit of the bulk discounts on the materials.

    However, the price is highly affected by the extent of damage to the commercial roofing system.

    If it is only the replacement of a few shingles or patching a small area, then roof replacement is a cheaper option.

    However, if the location of the commercial roof is in a high wind area, then repairing the shingles again and again can prove costly in the long run. Roof replacement can prove to be a better option.

    So it’s better to see whether you need to save costs through roof replacement or roof restoration. Is there any underlying issue that needs to be addressed through upgrading a quality roof or it can be solved through roof repair here and there?

    Consultation with a Roofing Contractor or Professional

    Now, the important question is how you know, which option to opt for, roof repair or roof replacement. For that, you probably need to hire a professional in roofing or a commercial roofing contractor. Especially if you are uncertain about making an informed decision, It’s best to contact a contractor. It might be dangerous for you and your business employees if you decide what to choose without proper consultation with a person who has skills and expertise in it.

    Replacement of missing shingles: You can simply replace a damaged or missing shingle with a new one. It is the cheaper and well the least expensive solution for roof repairs. However, if you are aesthetically worried that new shingles might not match previous ones, then you might think that you can move towards the idea of replacement of the roof. 

    Partial Replacement: This is the situation where a part or a section of the roof is replaced while the other parts stay intact. It is another cost-effective option especially if a part of the commercial roof is damaged and new moisture barrier or shingles are added on that part.

    This option is also to be considered with deep consideration. Even though the problems of matching shingles may be solved, there can be other problems. New shingles may not align well at the ridges of the previous roof. Also removing the two layers of shingles can eat a lot of cash.

    Full Replacement: Full replacement often seems the most expensive solution but it depends on the situation. While comparing it with roof replacement or partial repair, it is cheaper per square foot.

    All the underlying problems related to extreme damages and leakages can be solved through the complete replacement of the roof. This upgrades the roof to a high-quality commercial roofing system with new materials and new solutions. Especially if your roof damage is insured, only the deductible is added to your bill. This makes it a very cost-effective option.

    Now that you are aware of the pros and cons of roof replacement and roof restoration, you’re probably wondering which to choose. When choosing between replacement and restoration, roof age, leaking, material cost, and extent of damage to the roof must be considered. For quality roofing services, Roof Restore 5x does its job with precision and skilled workers and employees. Contact us now for a commercial/industrial roof consultation.

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